WATCH: Israeli police abandon baby in car after arresting Palestinian parents

Baby cries in car after Israeli police arrests the parents, leaving the children alone.—Screengrab via Twitter/@TRTWorld

Israeli police arrested a Palestinian couple, claiming that the woman “did not have a permit to enter Jerusalem”, leaving behind the chlidren alone in the car.

TRT World reported that children, including an infant, were left on their own in the vehicle. 

In the video, the children can be heard wailing while they cry for their “baba” or father. 

The man recording the video repeats “God is my witness” and then opens the car door. 

Social media users expressed their grief and anger in the comment section.

A user tagged UN Human Rights and CNN saying: “Hey human and woman rights champions in Afghanistan and Muslim world. I would like to see your zeal and take on this!”

“And israel didn’t want to play with russia because of human rights violence in ukraine…its a big woooow,” said another.

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