Prince Harry second lawsuit is ‘nonsensical’, says former senior security officer

Prince Harry second lawsuit is ‘nonsensical’, says former senior security officer 

A former senior security called out Prince Harry for launching a second lawsuit against the British government over security flaws.

According to The Mirror, Dai Davies, the Scotland Yard former head of royalty protection, called the suit “nonsensical”.

“For a man who allegedly wants to protect his privacy he goes about a funny way of achieving it. I believe this is personal.

“Rather than seek a workable solution, he has taken this route which is fraught with issues. It’s insulting.”

The newly-launched case focuses on the Royalty and VIP Executive Committee’s decision that private individuals should not be allowed to pay for police for protection.

The Home Office and Met Police reportedly argued that the British police are not “guns for hire”.

Meanwhile, the Duke has already won his first legal battle over his security arrangements in the UK.

On Friday, the HC judge granted permission for part of Harry’s claim to have a judicial review.

“The application for permission to apply for judicial review is allowed in part and refused in part,” said Mr Justice Swift.

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