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The best illusions can be seen in wildlife. Animals are known to camouflage into their surroundings, either to attack on their prey or to be safe from their attacker.

This competition to survive, which essentially explains the concept of survival of the fittest and the smartest is the reason why animals try to hide by blending well into their surroundings.

Animals also have the right shade and texture of skin which helps them to hide properly.

What’s in this image?

This image which seems to be of a pond has a frog hidden in it. Just like we discussed above, the frog has blended perfectly within the vegetation and is difficult to see.

Understand the elements of the image

In order to spot the frog, you need to understand the elements of the picture. The picture has green colored lotus leaves, bright magenta colored lotus flowers and dark colored water.

This is what typically is the habitat of a pond or a water body which has not been in use for some days.

You can see droplets of water on the leaves which look like pearls. This is because the surface of lotus leaves are waxy and do not hold the water.

Hint 1

To spot the frog, you need to look at the picture more closely. There are chances the frog might be blending in with the water or else with the leaves. Have you ever seen a white or a pink colored frog commonly! No, for sure. So going with the obvious, look for dark and green shades that do not appear like leaves and that look shrunken and rugged like the skin of a frog.

Hint 2

Apart from the rugged skin of the frog, you should also look for another distinct feature.

What does an animal use the most when it’s in hiding? The eyes!

Look for the bulging and round eyes of the frog. A frog’s eyes are huge and globular and protrude out from the eyes making it easier to spot.

There it is!

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