Bat infestation forces Nevada fire station to close indefinitely

A bat infestation has forced a Nevada fire station to shut down “indefinitely” and its fire personnel to temporarily relocate. 

“Due to an infestation of bats, it has been determined that the station is a health and safety risk to fire crews,” the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District said in a news release Tuesday. “Bats have been flying in the living quarters and dead bats have been found in the apparatus bay.”

Fire Station 30, which is located in Nevada’s Washoe Valley and dates back to the 1950s, will relocate an ambulance and two of its fire personnel to a nearby station as the fire district consults with experts on prevention measures and the best strategy to eliminate the bat colonies, according to the news release.

The fire district said part of its concern with the bats was the possibility of them carrying rabies and other viruses.

The bats appear to be a recurring issue for the fire station. 

“The Fire District attempted to remediate the problem in 2015, only to have the bats return,” the fire district said. “Staff will review possible options including contamination cleanup.”

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