William and Kate’s choice of picture a shut up call for Meghan’s haters?

Prince William and Kate Middleton couldn’t care less what their supporters think of their birthday wish to Meghan Markle.

The couple chose a beautiful picture of the Duchess of Sussex to sent birthday greetings but

majority of royal fans and pro-monarchy experts didn’t like the gesture one bit. A popular social media account  loyal to the royal family  objected to William and Kate’s choice of picture  for their social post celebrating Meghan’s birthday.

William and Kates choice of picture a shut up call for Meghans haters?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose a picture of Prince Harry’s wife from her latest visit to the UK to remind her that the royal family cares for her.

Despite being aware of the hatred towards the former American actress among royal fans and the British tabloids, Prince William made it clear that he understands how important Meghan is to his younger brother.

The future king and his wife also seemed to convey that Harry and Meghan are loved by the royal family no matter what.

The royal couple, who share three children together, may not be able to do anything about the negative media coverage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex know Harry can’t imagine a life without his children and their mother.

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