Prince William ‘reluctant’ about becoming King: Details

Prince William was reportedly ‘reluctant’ about taking on the role of the monarch in his early years, with a royal reporter suggesting that the Duke of Cambridge has really grown into his eventual role now that he’s 40.

Talking to OK! Magazine recently about Prince William and his milestone 40th birthday, royal reporter Jennie Bond said: “We did see a reluctance to take on the role earlier on, in his early adolescence.”

She added: “But in the last couple of years he has shown convincingly that he is the man for the role and that he cares about being king. He absolutely fully accepts the role and the responsibility destiny has put his way.”

Prince William is said to have been groomed for his role as the future King since he was a young kid and the second in line for the British throne.

Michelle Thole, the co-host of Keeping Up with The Windsors podcast commented on the same, saying: “He was primed for the position from such a young age. Her Majesty has been an amazing role model… he really has learned from the best.”

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