Kate Middleton doesn’t go on visits without doing ‘her homework’

Kate Middleton doesn’t go on visits without doing ‘her homework’

Kate Middleton – an important member of the royal family for 11 years, has been revealed to always stay well-prepared for her role.

Amanda Foreman – the author of Queen Victoria’s Buckingham Palace, told People magazine that the Duchess of Cambridge has a natural affinity for connecting with the people.

The author told the magazine that Kate, like the Queen, is “able to make each person feel that they are being seen for the three seconds she talks to them.”

Kate’s this quality “projects immediacy and makes it feel intimate, which is amazing — there are people who simply can’t do that. It is training plus innate talent,” Amanda added.

Meanwhile, an insider told the publication: “Catherine always does her homework and doesn’t go on visits on a wing and a prayer.

“She has read the papers and puts in the effort. She is a hardworking person.”

Moreover, historian Sara Gristwood told the outlet: “It’s a personal willingness to conform to the requirements of the institution.”

“That sounds like an unappealing, unglamorous virtue, but it’s an important one if you’re going to be a successful cog in the royal wheel.”

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